Sunday, 23 December 2007

Focus 2008

I hope this picture will always serve as a reminder to us that how fortunate we are and that we must never ever take things for granted.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Can anyone stop loving someone ?

I actually doubt that there is nothing like someone wants to stop loving anybody. It sounds like they probably want to stop needing or craving somebody.

Love is joyful -- need and craving tend to be painful. In many relationships love and need are mixed up into a complicated soup that makes it hard to tell which way is up.

Love has this timeless, transcendent quality to it, there's no need to get rid of that -- as people say, it can change forms and still be love. If your being-together is over, there's nothing to stop the love from changing into a form appropriate for the current state of your relationship.

But the need or craving is something that you have to deal with in yourself. It can be very painful to be in a situation where you've decided that you need to have someone who is no longer in your life.

Ultimately, these kinds of longings have their root in your own identity. Sometimes we have an unconscious belief about ourselves that we're incomplete somehow -- missing something. It's common to believe that some other person fills in the missing piece and makes us whole. This is a terrible situation to be in if that person is not available -- and even if they are available it makes for an unstable sense of personal identity.

Mostly people resolve these "holes inside" by trying to fill them up with some new distraction: another lover, work, excesses of some kind, etc. Needless to say, a hole in your soul isn't going to be filled like that, although such things can reduce the pain.

The real solution is to recognize that there's a false identity at work: there is no such thing as a human being who isn't already whole and complete. Yet many of us have beliefs about ourselves which are very strong, and those beliefs take some form of "I'm not OK just the way I am". Those beliefs are the source of the hole. They're like weeds that take over and choke off the healthy growth and development of a person.

If you learn how to find those weeds and pull them out by the roots, the hole goes away.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

She was all but a Dream

I was dreaming about her last night
Smiling all through the dream
My face experiencing wonderful expressions
Many ups and downs in the feelings
Felt as If I was missing her a lot
All of a sudden tiny little ear drops
Rolling over my wrinkled cheeks
Who knows Whats happening now
What else could it be other than
She leaving me alone sealing with a kiss
Saying a Good bye for all I had wished
Life is not as same as before since she has left
Moving on there after might look simple
But what I leave behind makes it difficult

I don't miss her anymore like before
But I miss her for what I thought she was
Wish I could build a bridge over the river
Which is still streaming because of my tears
Nothing else is the reason other than my love
But why should I be sad for what is over
And not be glad that it was all mine once
Should I hate her because she has hurted me
Or Should I love her because she made me feel
Like no one else had done it before
Why am I afraid to lose her all of a sudden
When she is not even near to being mine
I have realised that I love her so much
When I want her to be happy always
Even though I'm not a bit of her happiness
Also realised that holding on to something
Is what people liked to do, to show they are strong
But letting your best wish to go Would show
That theres nothing in this world to hurt us anymore

Monday, 3 December 2007

Happy Days .....

Happy days are those when you feel happy
But are you really happy always...
One would be happy until things are going on well
But things arent always that way
Days pass by for sure
Not all the incidents are the same
Its the human's thinking which makes him happy
Who is bothered of the soul now a days
People generally are born, grow, reproduce, die
What else is meaningful in one's life
How many have started to walk in the path of the glory
Probably this is the time for the individual to wake up
There are instances and examples available all over the world
Good happenings are always present
Hardly visible to Human's naked eye
Even in the case of God who created the world
He had many wishes of his creation, which didn't happen
While the God failed to get what he really loved
What are we gonna face in our lives then ?
Its one's mind which let him take his life as
One can be happy no matter even he is hell
At the same time, he could feel lonely even in heaven
Its upto the thoughts which initiate this feeling
Every soul by origin wants to be happy
But the social animals have done too much in this world
Adding on many bugs to it, causing it to suffer
Its time to realise whats beyond our capabilities
Its time to start focussing on our spiritual wonders
Human being is a holy place where the God lives
No matter what and who the God is ...
Its the responsibility of the human being to keep it graceful
How many are doing it now in this fast moving world
Which is framed for the survival of the fittest
What brings happiness to people from this outside world
Nothing other than problems which help us to move towards Godliness
But still, its the choice of us to decide what we wanna do
Changes do occur in life but how drastic are they ?
Are they enough for to realise the need for the everlasting Bliss
Its not too late even now...
Better late than never...
Happy days are always happy until our Souls are happy
Lets have a wonderful peaceful earth in the future...

Monday, 26 November 2007

Its time to ENJOY ! ! !

When you get what you really longed for years
The feeling you experience is not a normal thing
You believe that you are the king of the whole world
Looks like you have the magic in your fist
Playing with the fortune, you always keep winning
As long as the trump card is with you forever
Whether its a Coin, Car or a Calendar
Globe, Gold, or a Girl
If you feel its gonna give you what you want
Feel it as its with you
And I have started to feel as my angel is with me
And my life has started to blossom every day
Of course I do have storms blowing my way
Cyclones uprooting my stay
Floods thrashing me away
As long as my angel is in my heart
Its always my time only to Enjoy
Anywhere, Anytime, We got music and lets get hot !
All the nights when they come ! !
We break rules, Jump and shout ! ! !

Is this a real feeling or an Imagination ?

Knowing the fact we couldn't forget each other
Why are we still wandering around without a clue
These days shouldn't be the bad patch in our love history
For which we might regret in the future
For not disclosing our true love
Generally I don't believe in being egoistic
That too if its regarding our love
I would throw away anything for you
But why are we still hesitating to fly together
Are we worried about the hurricanes or
Bothered about the thunderstorms and lightnings
Certainly not, as we believe in our love
Which is strong and it would prove itself anytime
Probably at times I might be conveyed that
You are the past in my life
But its for sure that it won't be easy to forget
Your giggling eyes which sung songs for me
Your silent lips which said stories to my ailing heart
Your graceful arms which made me feel comfortable without a touch
Finally you being yourself when you were with me
How could I forget all these treasures all of a sudden
Instead of me roaming around on a foreign soil
Its better to be burried in your heart as a peaceful soul

The fate which decided the seas to have waves forever
Gave me the love feelings for you as well
What else could I do other than loving you
Probably could end my life, but what then would my love do
My love for you will always be there
No matter I'm living with you or have left this world.
Never wished to pray for anything in my life
Things are changing in me, that I'm back in my path
People value different things differently
There might be all sorts of preferences
But my preference is just one and pretty straight forward
You know that its you, but inspite knowing it
Why are we still playing this game
My heart is going weak day by day,
I'm trying to be positive but it lasts only for a bit
What else could I do other than longing for you
Am I just feeling the way you feel or
Just making up and imagining things which are not
Though I dont wanna blame others for this show
Who is gonna take responsibilty for such a mess
It could be only me, as it was me who met you
I should have stopped the relationship at the beginning
But its too late to realise after living a life with you
Though people can convince that its gonna be better
After a while, being with others
Its all nothing but absurd
As the true love will live forever
And our love will live longer than that.

I can't just let you go, when you intend to leave
It was before when I thought it was a disturbance
Convincing the girl who is about to break up
I'm no more a kid to live with my past
If you look ahead, life would be miserable
If we dont get the one which we like.
I know that you would always get what you liked
But in this case you need to take care of you more
You need to analyse more before you go for the options
I'm not here to sell myself explaining things
All I wished is you to be happy forever
You could say that you are happy now
My heart says you wont be if you aren't in with me
I'm worried now because whatever I have felt
Is happening all in a row and the turn is now on us
Thieves breaking into the house
Losing my materialistic belongings
Meeting with an accident
Appearing at the police station
It is enough now going through all these now
I feel something is gonna go wrong in our case
Thought I couldn't do much to stop
Which was a wrong decision, and I believe now that
Its worth walking the wire for you.
Its been days since I longed for someone
Starting with a hello, ending with a wish to be safe
Everything was unique and this was always my passion
The sweet smile which brought me back the good sleep
The way you sing songs for me
The way you show your love to me
These are only few bits which made me love you so much
Whether its a real feeling or an imagination
I wish to cherish these moments for my lifetime
Better I wish to live with these for the rest of my life.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Am I that cruel ?

There were days when people loved to be with me
Morning till evening, sun set till sun rise
People took their opportunity to spend time with me
Thought all their wishes were wise
But whats happening now
People prefer to avoid me in such a way
Those who loved me are far away now
They dont even share their feelings
No matter whether its good or bad
I'm thrown away just because I was so sweet
I'm no more the person people need
I'm no more the support the souls longed
But why do I stil love them
Though harldy we could see each other
What do I need and What do I expect ?
I have got a family which can shower their love
But it is not the love which I'm longing for
Family love is the love which is there for me always
Like me loving myself, it will stay forever
What do I need then ?
A companionship, a lover, a partner
Can't guess what it is ....

How unfortunate things are thrown apart
Am I talking about people or just a person
Probably one person at a time
But its been people all through my lfie
They come in uninvited, stay as long as they preferred
Leave with a world of scars in my heart
And I'm now left broken empty in despair
Want to breathe but can't find air
Thought you were sent from up above
But you and me never had a chance to love
So much more I have to say
Why don't you help me find a way
I wonder if you know
How it really feels
To be left outside all alone
When it is cold out here
Well maybe you should know

When things go down and nobody being around
Life is a full of pain
Wish the whole world breaks apart
Leaving no chance for any life to survive
Am I selfish, certainly not
If I was I would have not let her go
I would have not let me kill myself
I would have not let my love die so early
I would have not been an assasinist
Am I that cruel to kill people
Not really, probably I had killed my love
I had masacred my emotions
So that others could live in peace
But whats a point, in keeping a soul in pain
Just to make thers feel better
Still being cursed as a cheat by someone
Who praised me as a gem of a person
Why I'm everyone's enemy all of a sudden
I know life is full of uncertainities
But why they are all doing dirt to me
Who is cursing me in such a way
Where all I have is nothing but pain
Efforts to make myself happy go in vain
Though its been a habit to go through such a stage
When its all gonna change ?

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Is that an accident ?

Looked like an accident when I first saw her
The beautiful face with expected features on it
Never wished to see such a similar one in my life
As it would ruin my feelings so deep in my heart
Very fortunate when my heart started to float
Though having been flooded by strange blows

As years passed by, happen to meet the same girl
Probably not an accident this time
Expected to meet but definitely not in such a place
Butterflies flying inside me
Thousands of lights dazzling around
Bells ringing on continuously
Man, that was a graceful experience
Not many in the world could get it
I'm fortunate yet again to spend time with such a person
Didnt realise it was love when I was with her
The moment I left her , felt as if I was losing weight
It was nothing but my heart
Felt so light that I could easily fly
Looking for my angel again
Thought if it was true love, it would come back to me

As months passed by, happen to talk to her
Never thought that we are made for each other
Just exchagned a hi and a bye...
But still something was disturbing
Thought it was only from my end
But was conveyed it was same from her end as well
Never realised that we fell into love
Talking about the future of being together
Without expressing our love to each other
Realising finally, hey whats happening...
Are we in love with each other
The answer was nothing but a silence
Of course it really meant YES
Gradually took off with a sweet smile
Then back to the feelings again.

As weeks passed by, Love started to weaken
As intrusions occuring frequently
Though meaningless, did actually have the impact
Decided to quit from the relationship
We tried our best from both ends
Gave up personal interests for each other
For the betterment of each others' lives
But didnt last long, though planned to quit
Can't say we were pulled back into the relationship
But our hearts felt so to be together
Amidst of our longing expectations

As days passed by, she felt that its not gonna work
How many twists could one take in his life
Can't just die again and again
Can't be a friend one day,
Can't be a loverboy other day finally
Can't just hate her for her reactions
I would always love her the same way
As I loved her from the very beginning
Can't blame others for whats been happening
I enjoy being hurt by the angel which I loved a lot
Its my privilege to get myself broken by her

I don't want her to give it all up
And leave her own life collecting dust
And I don't want her to feel sorry for me
She never gave a chance to be
And I don't need her to be by my side
To tell me that everything is alright
I just wanted her to tell me the truth
She knows I would do that for her
But why is she running away from me ?

As things pass by, what does she expect from me
To fight against all odds to be there for her
Is she afraid of something which is not possible
As far as she is not true to her heart
In asking for what she wants
It wouldnt be easy for her to reach there
Thought I was there for her
But she doesnt need me anymore
Closing the doors, shutting her heart
Its no point disturbing her anymore
Having been praised as a cheat, as a disloyal person
For just keeping her name clean
This is all I could for the accident I met with
A sweet one but definitely not the best one for her
Wish she gets the best in her life
Though she once wished to marry only me
Its upto the fate to offer what she is destined to get
Can't say whether I would be lucky or not
After all I'm not a person who worries a lot
Things are meant to happen will happen
No matter whether its an accident or an incident
And she has taught me to face the consequences
Without wearing a mask but with my feelings
She has did a world of good to me
Feeling guilty that I couldnt do anything similar
All I could do is give her a bit of peace of mind
Wishing her the best in her life always.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Astrology Analysis

October 21st 1984 and March 10th 1981.

SUN Sign :

Being born on October 21st the sun sign though being a Libra would be still proclaimed as the Scorpio Cusp as the people born either at the beginning or end of a zodiac sign, or, more properly, on the cusps of a sign. It is expected that you tend to be more emotionally motivated and of a slightly less practical nature. Routines are easy for you to address, though you can become very restless and tend to find your own emotional responses difficult to deal with. Sometimes even you don't understand what makes you tick, and that can be a problem. Actually you are not as complicated as you may have come to believe. It's simply that you have a unique view of life and one that doesn't always match that of the people around you, but as Libra instinctively wants to conform, this can lead to some personal confusion. In family matters you are responsible, very caring and deeply committed to others. It's probable that you work in some field that finds you in direct contact with the public at large and many Scorpio-cusp Librans choose welfare, social and hospital work as a first choice. When it comes to love, you are flexible in your choice and the necessary attributes to promote a long-lasting and happy relationship are clearly present in your basic nature. If there are problems, they may come about as a result of your inability to choose properly in the first place, because you are the first to offer anyone the benefit of doubt. When it comes to the practicalities of life, Scorpio can prove to be extremely useful. It offers an 'edge' to your nature and, as Scorpio is a fixed sign, you are less likely to lose ground because of lack of confidence than Libra alone would be. Your future can be bright, but only if you are willing to get involved in something that really interests you in the first palce. You certainly do not care for getting your hands dirty and tend to gravitate towards more refined positions. Creative potential is good and you could be very artistic, though if this extends to fine art, at least some of your pictures will have 'dark' overtones that might shock some people, including yourself. At base you are kind, caring, complicated, yet inspiring.

Born on March 10th my Sun sign is Pisces and I'm highly empathic, and my physical involvement with a lover is directly geared to my emotional and psychic involvement. Once I have found the partner I want, I'm the most willing and supple lover, but I must take care that my own personality does not get lost in the process. It's better not to offer that temptation; be gentle and giving, but retain my individuality and independence. In general, I will be happiest with a lover whose sexual consciousness is rather highly developed.I will make a special effort to determine the limits of my partner's personality as well as my own, for with my naturally psychic and empathic talents, I may blend with my partner so much that I lose my grasp on myself. I should look for a partner whose feet are really on the ground, who will provide a firm base from which to launch my love. In a well-balanced relationship I can be quite consumed by love, and the totality of loving is an experience that transforms and uplifts my personality. I'm a person who stands out in a crowd. Because of this outstanding quality, I don't need to strive to make a stronger impression when I encounter someone who is attractive to me. Elaborate courting is not my game. Because of my honesty, my love affairs begin and end quite abruptly, as I have no desire to continue a relationship that is no longer working well and this indicates a strong, forceful personality but I must use that power carefully in your love relationships. Since I was born at sunrise, I'm indeed the early bird and usually have my choice of desirable partners when there is competition. I tend to dominate a relationship simply through the strength of my presence. My talent for selling myself will allow me to get my way, but I should use this talent with respect, not abuse it. I have the potential to be either a vibrant, glowing personality or a crashing bore, depending on how wisely I use this gift. Thus, in seeking a partner, I should not make conquests gratuitously; instead, pursue only someone who presents real potential for a creative relationship. I'm a person of great emotional substance, and I provide an excellent shoulder for an upset lover to cry on. I'm not easily or quickly angered, but once my ire is aroused, I'm a formidable antagonist with a long memory for grievances. I do not rush into a love affair, preferring to build it in careful stages. My preference is for straightforward simplicity in a relationship. I want my partner to tell me the truth at all times so I know right where I stand. In return, I'm scrupulously honest with my lover, even when it hurts. In a relationship I'm a friend and lover my partner can always depend on, even in difficult times. I don't commit myself lightly, and when I give your word, I stand by it, particularly a commitment given in love. Good physical health and financial well-being are necessary to my emotional security, and I'm not likely to be happy in a money-starved love affair, no matter how romantic. I may demand expensive presents or love tokens from a partner to assuage problems between us. Although it is perfectly legitimate to treasure gifts of love for our emotional value, this can be dangerous, because I'm dodging problems whose roots lie elsewhere. My basic desire for honesty and integrity in a relationship should lead me around this obstacle for I'm guided by a strong set of fundamental values. I most enjoy the attentions of a lover who gives the utmost in love and devotion and holds nothing back from me. I appreciate a lover who can intuitively plumb my feelings and discern my most intimate desires without asking. But that is a lot to expect of anyone all the time, so I will try to meet my partner halfway and help her get to know me well. My sexuality may become mixed with religious feelings and to that extent may elude physical manifestation entirely for periods of time. Doing this successfully requires considerable self-awareness; it takes great strength and direction to make physical abstinence pay off spiritually and not simply end up in frustration. At times I may find it difficult to decide exactly what I want out of a relationship, or I may find out what I would really have enjoyed only after the affair is over. For this reason, it is a good idea to prolong my courtship in order to find out what each partner wants and expects before making a commitment. I appreciate a lover who doesn't discuss my personal life with others; in fact, I'm quite attracted to the idea of carrying on an affair in secret. I have a magnetic personality, and my personal appearance has a sort of natural glow. I can get into relationships quite easily, at times even too easily, because relationships are so easy for me to start, I should be careful to become involved only in those that are meaningful and worthwhile. Because of my magnetism, I attract others who are outgoing and electric. My disposition is rather gentle and tender, and I will be most compatible with lovers who appreciate subtlety rather than a primitive, physical approach. This does not preclude a more rigid personality underneath, but my outward approach is usually delicate and gentle. I have a particularly subtle form of active sexual expression that requires a rather sensitive lover in order to bring it out most fully. I'm capable of great self-sacrifice as an enjoyable outlet for tendencies that might be extreme in everyday life. Just remember where the bedroom ends, so that in other areas of the relationship I can be equals. My relationship will be most enjoyable when there is a high degree of unspoken understanding between us. My sexual energies are quite direct and are not likely to become confused or sublimated into other areas. I probably have a good deal of stamina in sexuality, as in other physical pursuits, and I don't tire easily. For that reason, I would do well to match myself to a lover of similar energy and inclination. I may be impatient in matters of love, wanting to get on with the affair with a minimum of talk or banter. That is an honest reflection of my feelings, but I should avoid being too hasty; often the delays before a relationship is consummated give me time to think twice about whether I really want to commit myself to that particular lover.

Venus sign : The Planet of Love .

Your Venus sign is Scorpio and it indicates that you are quite open and tend to spend money quite freely, even on those occasions when you don't have very much. Although your intentions are always good, there are times when you get ourself in to the odd scrape and this can be particularly true when it comes to romance, which you may come to late or from a rather unexpected direction. Certainly you have the power to be happy and to make others contented on the way, but you find the odd stumbling block on your journey through life and it could seem that you have to work harder than those around you. As a result of this, you gain a much deeper understanding of the true value of personal happiness than many people ever do, and are likely to achieve true contentment in the end.

It was Pisces in my case which interprets that the first thing people tend to notice about me is my wonderful, warm smile. Being very charitable by nature I will do anything to help others, even if I don't know them well. Much of my life may be spent sorting out situations for other people, but it is very important to feel that I'm living for myself too. In the main, I remain cheerful, and tend to be quite attractive to members of opposite sex. Where romantic attachments are concerned, I could be drawn to people who are significantly older or younger than myself or to someone with a unique career or point of view. It might be best for me to avoid marrying whilst I'm still very young.

Moon Sign :

At the time of your birth the moon was in Virgo which implies that you are endowed with good mental abilities and a keen receptive memory, but you are never ostentatious or pretentious. Naturally quite reserved, you still have many friends, especially of the opposite sex. Marital relationships must be discussed carefully and worked at so that they remain harmonious, as personal attachments can be a problem if you do not give them your full attention. Talented and preserving, you possess artistic qualities and are a good homemaker. Earning your honours through genuine merit, you work long and hard towards your objectives but show little pride in your achievements. Many short journeys will be undertaken in your life.

The Moon was in Taurus when I was born and this predicts that it gives me a courteous and friendly manner, which means I'm likely to have many friends. The good things in life mean a lot to me, as Taurus is an Earth sign that delights in experiences which please the senses. Hence I'm probably a lover of good food and drink, which may in turn mean I need to keep an eye on the bathroom scales, especially as looking good is also important to me. Emotionally I'm fairly stable and I stick by my own standards. Taureans do not respond well to change. Intuition also plays an important part in my life.

Our Compatibility : PISCES & SCORPIO CUSP

Both of us are good listeners and we are receptive to others' points of view, and we dislike having to engage in competitive behavior or aggressive tactics in order to get our point across or receive fair treatment. We appreciate that our partner shares our gentle attitude. You, however, may sometimes feel that I'm too gentle and receptive, being evasive or vague when asked questions or unable to be definite and articulate. You thrive on dialogue while I often prefer to simply take in lots of ideas and ponder them for a long time before offering a point of view. You also have a strong sense of justice and equality and can be vengeful towards those who are seen as unjust, while I'm more likely to feel compassion and sympathy even for those who are guilty.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Are you my Destiny ?

I like the way you talk to me
Your words are as sweet as gold
And if you were ever to leave my world
My life would seem so cold
And I know you have someone
And I will be patient
Coz one day you will be mine
Where you would take your own time

I like the thoughts you are giving me
Coz you are my destiny
One day I will hold you in my arms
And you will give it to me
Can't guess whether I really want you
Honey every time I see your face
It feels like a sunny day
And if you wanted to be with me
I won't let you get away
But you don't have to hold on
Coz I know something's going on
Coz I want to be with you
Guess you too want the same

You know a woman like you is all I ever wanted
But not exactly you but some girl like you
I feel its not easy to trace out a girl like you
So sincere in the relationship
Feeling for the ones who are even gonna leave
Praying for the ones who are gonna hurt you
Its hard to find an angel like you
Out of all the riches in the world
All I want is you to be my girl
Its because its just only for you
I will run to the end of the world
Never felt like doing something for someone so bad
Doesn't mean that others are not needed
But at the same time, it shows me
That you are all I want and you are all I need

Monday, 22 October 2007

Give me a hug once....

My love for you was the one
That brought my heart to life
That has ruined my heart now
Of sufferance my heart wept
I have been punished for falling in love
And what sin have I committed ?
I have been ruined yet again
for falling in love with you
Devastated I have been
by being true to you
Strange is love also so cruel
Where happiness lasts but for a few moments
Sorrows one gets
And lonely one is
Tears and sorrow, grief and grievances it entails
Your face it is that I see everywhere
Your memories torment me all the day
Your face haunts me so bad
Even in the darkness of the nights

The love I used to see
In those of your eyes for me is no more
Not only you have changed
But the circumstances too
Can't blame you for any reason
Can't hate you for any season
You loved me and it was for love
I would sail across the seven seas
But I'm afraid that I cannot cover
The very small distance between us now
I showed how love is unstoppable
Probably you have done the same to me
But it would be our life partners
Who could teach us better to abide by it
To fulfull the vow of marriage
That they will give us all happiness
Its then that we would realise
That true love is all but sacrifice

When you feel you are left alone
Please don't look at me like that anymore
As you will fall in love with me again
Keep away as I look horrible when I cry
All I could do now is to talk to my angel
The same old angel of my heart
Guess it listens to me, atleast now
I have been talking since childhood
Everybody told me that my angel was no more
But I kept you alive in my heart
I never asked anything from you
Except you, but now it looks as if you have left
But I ask you for something for the last time
Dont refuse me
Just hug me once in my heart, please ! ! !

Happy Birthday

You have come into my life
Like the wonderful moment
Wonder what world you come from
You remind me of the forgotten past
You have taken over my very being
Are you real ?
Or still an illusion ?
You have invaded my very being
I'm still the same so is the moment
Yet, never was this frenzy before
Your heartebeat is fragrant
And I'm lost in your love

My deeds either good or bad
They moved with me
They stopped with me
My deeds forever shaddowed me
My destiny you have written
Its your mercy the man depends on
You are kind
You say nothing
In an idol of stone
You dwell to the human
You have given us sorrow
You have granted us heaven
You have given a heart
You have given the man back his Glory

The monsoon has brought a message
May we be bound to each other
May the rain of happiness fall on us
The breeze too started to speak
May your marriage procession be decorated
May the procession move like the moment of the moon
I wish to attach feathers and fly
Become a cloud and touch the very sky
The wind of the rain has spoken
It has taken away my sleep now

A dream has awakened in my awakened eyes
My mind dances too
It says subtly in this strange wolrd
There is someone close to me
At the beautiful seashore
Under the shadow of some mountain
A house is seen
Till the time I'm alive
You would stay in my heart
Thats your house
Your words are as innocent
As the aroma of the flowers I bloomed
The whole world turned aromatic
And my life has turned around
With your love filling me completely
What else could I do
Other than giving back you the happiness

What else could be my best birthday gift for you
Which is not selfish at all
Praying for what you wished to be
Sacrificing the ones I was longing for
There is always a sweet feeling
When I lose the best in mine
For the best of your heart
Wishing you a really really Happy Birthday
Wished never would disturb you again

But who knows, as the life is full of uncertainities
Yet again, We might be bound together
Like the sun and the light
Probably like the sea and the waves
Though the waves might try to run away from the sea
All it could do is going back to the place it came from
For that reason it doesnt stop waving
Its its nature to keep flushing out
Same as the hearts which keep falling in love
Love is not a sin as others consider
I feel proud in falling in love
As that could be the best compliment
Ever anyone could be rewarded.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Reminds me of ....

Manasa vittu sirichu romba naalaachu, ipdiyum sila per...
What are they trying to say...
Isnt there anything else other than divine love
Probably this is for the immatured ones
Who have not done justice to their roles
If people are drifted to one particular religion
This world would torn apart into pieces
Where people wouldnt be reluctant to respect others
Then India would no more be a securalistic country
If it was a religius country,
Where would the other religions go ?
Its high time we start thinking about the humankind
Rather than the personal religious beliefs.
No God has asked to hide your true feelings
No God has asked to hurt a true human being
No God has not asked anyone to stop loving from their heart
Its all the people who interpret things in a strange way
Time would answer for all these issues ?
Who knows who's gonna change
It might be either me or the other
No matter what happens,
All these issues remind me of us
Where its not easy for me to forget her

Try something new though its similar

Monday, 15 October 2007

Live the life you love to live

Even at the age of retirement
My dad wished to ride a bicycle
Where if it was in my case
Even to go to the next street
He preferred me to drive the bike
His love is more than anything else
Any father could show to his son
But why didnt I recognise that love
Probably I was not old enough

Even during a hectic schedule
My mom didnt have a break
Teaching me lessons
Cooking me wonderful food
Getting me ready for the school
Though it was me who was preparing for exams
It was also her keeping herself awake
Just to give me a moral support
Aint I blessed with such a Goddess in my life
But stil why didnt I realise that love
Probably I was not matured enough

Being elder to me by couple of years
Sacrificing most of her pleasure
Though it made her shed tears
She always kept me smiling
Just to keep me engaged
With all I needed
What else could anyone ask
From a loving sibling
But still why didnt I reveal my love to her
Probably we were of the same age group

Now I'm old enough to know better
I'm strong enough to be true
I'm hard enough to know whether
I'm smart enough to know what to do
And I know you can't resist it
When it happens to you
Though you can tell your own story
Adding to it, you can swear its true
But you can save your lying
For some other fool who would believe
And when there are many people
Who are longing to be with me
Why did I choose to feel for you
When am I gonna learn to respect
When am I gonna reciprocate
When am I gonna start living
Well can't say until you turn around
And tell me that you can't resist
Staying away from me

But to wait for you, is all I could do
And that's what I've got to face
Take a good look at me now,
Because I'll still be standing here
And you coming back to me is against all odds
It's the chance i've gotta take
How can I just let you walk away
Just let you leave without a trace
When I'm standing here taking every breath with you
How could you let it go from you
How could you say a goodbye to me
I know you could not resist
Without a pain in your heart
But why are we going through this phase
Aren't we born to live the life
which we loved to live

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Goodbye is not an easy word.

How do I say goodbye to what we had?
The good times that made us laugh
Outweigh the bad
Since the moment we had the icecreams
My mind is full of your thoughtful streams
Though we spend hardly less than a day
Sharing our lifestyle only for a bit
I feel that we had lived most of our life
Apart from fighting with each other
We had experienced almost everything

The bliss and the pain
All had gone in vain
But being a blessing in disguise
I'm living a far more better life
I thought we'd get to see forever
But forever's gone away
Can't guess how far its gone
It might be days, months or even years
It's so hard to say goodbye to the past

I don't know where this road
Is going to lead
All I know is where we've been
And what we've been through
If we get to see tomorrow
I hope it's worth all the wait
You might say by shedding your tears
That you have troubled me enough
And I would reply in a similar way as you
To be lucky to live a better life for years
It's so hard to feel that you have forgotten

And I'll take with me the memories
To be my sunshine after the rain
Though I can never forget the love
I would always keep smiling from my heart
For all the good things you have did to me
All but one makes me feel happy
Did I make you feel better
As the way you did ?
This sense of guilt
Taunts me like a vampire
Though I'm blessed by the angel's empire
When would that day ever come to me
When would I say that you never left my heart
When would I cry out loud
Expressing my feelings for you
When would I tell you
Goodbye is not an easy word
When it comes to you and your love ?

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Flash Back

On October 12th I achieved this remarkable feet 14 years ago in my professional career... what have I done now ?... securing a specials place in my angel's heart ? Who knows, nothing is for sure until couple of years pass by.

Love doesnt choose any particular soul

Olden Days...

Friday, 12 October 2007

Whats important....

People are quite busy with their day to day life schedule... Guess very little are bothered about the future india ? Most probably are selfish in what they aim for, pray for ... There are very little who are willing to do something for others and among them there are very little who are doing something for others and most of all there are very little who keep doing the same.... Which group do we fall into ? shameful thing I'm still in the first part and aspiring to go further to other parts. I find reasons to justify myself saying If I was India I could have done better job... So what you guys who live in India are trying to say ? If you had enough money , you could have done what you could do...

This is not what we wished.... The poor india is not the free India forecasted 60 years before... When we feel proud to say we are Indians, we should do something to our country one way or the other... Lets make things work together....

Come on India ? Its high time we wake up....

Apart from praying Gods for peace, apart from going to jobs to make yourself comfortable, apart from going after life partners, what else each one of us should be doing ? Literate each other with the national spirit. Lets talk more about Nationality and Patriotism rather than the Bollywood, Tollywood , Philosophies, etc.

True Patriots

There arent many people who live in india have time to train their kids to be patriotic that too when they could hardly speak good morning mummy , daddy... Thats the right stage to plant the national feeling in their mind. The future india is not at the hands of tomorrow's youth but today's infants. Keep up the spirit and help India bud into a blossoming and flourishing one.

October 12th

Early in the morning of October 12th 1492, a sailor on board the Pinta sighted land, and a new era of European exploration and expansion began. The next day, the 90 crew members of Christopher Columbus's three-ship fleet ventured onto the Bahamian island of Guanahaní, ending a voyage begun nearly ten weeks earlier in Palos, Spain.

New York declared Columbus Day a holiday in 1909 and on October 12, 1909, New York Governor Charles Evans Hughes led a parade that included the crews of two Italian ships, several Italian-American societies, and legions of the Knights of Columbus. Since 1971 Columbus Day, designated as the second Monday in October, has been celebrated as a federal holiday. In many locations across the country Americans parade in commemoration of the day.

British politician Ramsey MacDonald was born on October 12th 1866 in Morayshire, Scotland. Joins the Labour Party in 1894 and becomes leader 1911-1914 and 1922-1931. Is the first Labour Prime Minister of Britain ( for several months during 1924) and again between 1929-1931. Dies shortly after his retirement from politics in 1937.

In 1901, US President Theodore Roosevelt renames the Executive Mansion in Washington, 'The White House'.

On October 12th 2007, I'm still wandering around awaiting the precious moment of life. Life is not the same when you are waiting for something where you knew that it would never come your way. Like it was the day when Columbus found a new piece of land which is now the world's dominating nation, I prefer I would find a holy heart which would dominate the whole world of mine. Funny moments where I slow down well before the speed cameras by just looking at the warning boards, also while stopping at the green traffic lights, searching for the mobile phone whilst holding the same... Can't say whether i'm going mad or not, but things have given me a new way of life to live. What else could I do other than enjoying this opportunity. Will I get the answer today ? Fingers crossed... Life is not what we think and expect... After all, as my angel have advised me to have No Expectations and hence No Disappointments, I would keep going on following the same. Ain't I Lucky ?

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

October 11th

As a tribute to my dear Sheik, here goes the article of famous people born on October 11th.

In 1821 English social reformer Sir George Williams is born in Somerset. Is a successful draper and part-time lay preacher. In 1844 he founds the YMCA - the 'Young Men's Christian Association'.

In 1942 Indian Actor Amitabh Bhachan, the king of Indian cinema was born in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India . Son of well known poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan and Teji Bachchan. He went to Sherwood College, a boarding school in the hill-station town of Nainital, and from there to Delhi University where he earned a double MA degree.

He was a former stage actor, radio announcer and freight company executive in Calcutta, India.When he was just trying to get a break in movies he was told to soften his 'deep' voice. However it was soon realised that his deep rich voice was excellent for narration. He has provided narrations for several films.Married to Jaya Bhaduri, a well known actress, he has two kids, Shweta and Abhishek. His first movie was Saat Hindustani (1969). He came to be known as 'The Angry Young Man' after his film Zanjeer (1973), which made him a superstar. He also ran for seat in the Congress from his hometown but had to leave midterm because of controversies. While shooting for Coolie (1983) he received a near fatal injury. He was hospitalised and the Indian press issued daily bulletins on his health. He is highest paid Bollywood actor in the film industry.

Amitabh had a very close association with the former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her son Rajiv Gandhi (also Prime Minister) and he was elected to parliament with a huge majority from his home town of Allahabad. But in politics he did not last long and was implicated in the infamous Swedish Bofors Gun deal scandal along with Rajiv Gandhi and others.

He launched a multi-faceted commercial enterprise known simply as Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Limited, or ABCL. ABCL is engaged in production, distribution and all other aspects of the movie industry.

He was considered finished in the late nineties after super star status for 20 years a string of flops and failed political and business ambitions. He faced major health problems and financial crisis. But his unexpected comeback as host of the popular TV quiz series 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire which put him right back on the number one spot of Bollywood actors over 40 reaffirming his reputation as the living legend of Indian cinema with a new series of high profile films Mohabbatein (2000), Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (2001) etc.

He is announced as an actor of the Millennium in a BBC News Poll ahead of such luminaries as Charlie Chaplin, Sir Lawrence Olivier, and Marlon Brando. He is the first Asian actor having a wax model of his likeness displayed at Madame Tussaud's in London.

October 11th 2007, It is Sheik's Birthday and after a long time had a good chat with him where things weren't the same as before. Matured talk, very brief gossiping, future plans, etc... Forgot didnt even wish him a happy birthday but he knew I rung him in the midnight because it was his birthday...

October 10th

In 10th Oct 1874 Fiji became a British colony and after 96 years of their administration on 10th of October 1970 Fiji was declared as an Independent country...

Also on the same day but in 1868, Cuba's first war of independance broke out. The Ten Years' War, (Guerra de los Diez Años) (also known as the Great War) began on this date,when Carlos Manuel de Céspedes and his following of patriots from his sugar mill La Demajagua, proclaimed Cuba's independence from Spain.

The Ten Years' War (1868-1878) was the first of three wars that Cuba fought against Spain for its freedom, the other two being The Small War (La Guerra Chiquita; 1879-1880) and the Cuban War of Independence (1895-1898). The final three months of the last conflict escalated to become the Spanish-American War.

October 10th 2007,Unlike the day being remembered for the fight of one's freedom, Me and my fellow colleague had a really good time with my boss who has just returned from his holidays spending two wonderful weeks in Spain. One should be really lucky to have a friendly, supporting and guiding Boss in both professional and personal life. Had a good meal with him, discussed more about the business and was rewarded for being successful for keeping up with my role and responsibilities. Also for the first time ever had a professional body message by a physio... Man, I tell you, that was a graceful experience... It was actually for the stress relief and the money paid for was really worth it. Feeling more comfortable sticking on to the "Atleast twice a meal every day". Glad news keep flowing my way and as usual they pop in only when they really dont matter to me or bother me much.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

October 9th

October 9th 1974: Oskar Schindler dies

German businessman Oskar Schindler, credited with saving 1,200 Jews from the Holocaust, dies at the age of 66.His history was the story line behind an oscar winning movie named "Schindler's List". A member of the Nazi party, he ran an enamel works factory in Kraków, Poland, employing workers from the nearby Jewish ghetto. When the ghetto was liquidated, he persuaded Nazi officials to allow the transfer of his workers to the Plaszow labor camp, thus saving them from deportation to the death camps. In 1944, all Jews at Plaszow were sent to Auschwitz, but Schindler, at great risk to himself, bribed officials into allowing him to keep his workers and set up a factory in a safer location in occupied Czechoslovakia. By the war's end, he was penniless, but he had saved 1,200 Jews. In 1962, he was declared a Righteous Gentile by Yad VaShem, Israel's official agency for remembering the Holocaust. According to his wishes, he was buried in Israel at the Catholic cemetery on Mount Zion.

October 9th 1990:

Hundreds of Chinese queue to buy 'Big Macs' when McDonald's opens its first resturant in China in Shenzhen.

October 9th 2007 : Struggling to sleep the whole night, a midnight call from overseas, mistaken to be from the home country but was from an allied nation, that too being an old friend couldnt avoid his call inspite it was half past midnight. Felt miserable after many years fighting out to sleep with no reason behind the scene. Tried to overcome the feeling once I hung up the overseas phone call, but what happened.... All my efforts were in vain... It was new to me... Never happened before... So got back to the same old stream of longing for the same old friendly angel to bless me good sleep.. The purpose was served in a very polite and receivable manner. Should thank the angel for taking enough care to get be back on normal track... Hats off to her service and I would cherish this day in my list of memorable events. Like it was the day of food feast in 1990 in China,also my angel requested me to have food atleast twice a day regularly till my marriage, I gave my word.. As I always say "Mens' words are words" I would stick on to this policy which I was longing to do. You know what, this angel is amazing and its doing wonders to me... What else could I say ? I'm very much lucky to be blessed by the angel.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Life has turned around...

My whole world has turned around
Ever since you walked into my life
No more lonely days
And no more lonely nights
Ever since I met you, honey
Everything is so right, yes it is

You got everything, baby
Any man could want from a woman
Let me lay my everything, honey
I wanna lay it on you for sure
My everything right down on you

I know what you need
I know what you like
I got it right here
You are so nice and you turn me on
If you want my love, you turn me on
Baby, it's waitin' for you
Just lay your body down
There's nothing I wouldn't do

Guess you are still confused
As days slowly going far away from you
Nothing is too late
As something is done before it is
You are an angel
As always I praise you
Thanks for everything
Thanks for changing my world
Thanks for turning it around
Thanks for all the things
Thank you very much...

Theres nothing wrong in .....

October 8th

Gauri Khan born 8 Oct 1970 is the wife of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan.

A resident of Delhi of Punjabi origin, she is a graduate from the Modern School, Delhi, and has produced some of her husband's films, including Paheli (an unsuccessful Indian submission to the Oscars in 2005) and Main Hoon Na. She is currently producing the film Om Shanti Om in which she makes a guest appearance. She is also the face of the fashion line Aftershock and mother of two children, Aryan (born 13 November 1997) and Suhana (born May 23, 2000). She used to host a weekly Hindi music countdown show "Oye" for a music channel in the 1990's.

More interestingly their children have always been taught to respect both their parents' religions and this is what our fellow indians should appreciate and try to follow more than the way he performs on the screen. Credit goes to both of them equally where they are broadminded and always respected each other ideas and beliefs. I would rate them the best couple of all the Bollywood families..

October 8th 2007, I'm still pushing my luck in my business life, where people think I'm an experiences sales person... Guess what / I'm not at all... Its all the matter of luck and nothing to be praised with regards to my talent.. Probably being sincere in the job has did some homework for my performance. Behind every successful man there has been always a woman... No matter whether they do something rude or kind, they have always resulted in the guy's favour. Lucky Men....

Sunday, 7 October 2007

To make you feel comfortable.....

October 7th

On 7 October 1737, a natural disaster struck the city of Calcutta (modern-day Kolkata) in India. For a long time this was believed in Europe to have been the result of an earthquake, but it is now believed to have been a tropical cyclone. Thomas Joshua Moore, the duties collector for the British East India Company in Calcutta, wrote in his official report that a storm and flood had destroyed nearly all the thatched buildings and killed 3,000 of the city's inhabitants. Other reports from merchant ships indicated an earthquake and tidal surge (40 foot waves) were to blame, destroying 20,000 ships in the harbor and killing 300,000 people. It should be noted that the population of Calcutta at the time was around 20,000.

Although there seems to be little evidence for the popular figure of 300,000 deaths or for the existence of an earthquake at all, it is this number that shows up in popular literature. At the same time, the figure of 3000 is only an estimation of the number of deaths inside the city itself.

No matter how the world suffers people try to make a profit out of it either financially or personally... This world has always been the place for the survival of the fittest...

On October 7,2007, just 270 years after the waves claimed many lives, being aged 27 Im still flooded by feelings. Can't say I'm surviving or ruling the place i'm put up in. Life has always been a heaven for me no matter whether its the social world or the hell.

Things remain the same.....

"These three remain: faith, hope, love. The greatest is love!" 1 Corinthians 13:13

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Just for you...

She was drivin' last friday on her way to cincinnati
On a snow white Christmas Eve
Goin' home to see her Momma and her Daddy
With her baby in a back seat
Fifteen miles to go and she was runnin' low
On faith and gasoline
It'd been a long hard year

She had a lot on her mind and she didn't pay attention
She was goin' way too fast
Before she knew it she was spinnin on thin black sheet of glass
She saw both their lives flash before her eyes
She didn't even have time to cry
She was so scared, she threw her hands up in the air

Jesus take the wheel
Take it from my hands
'Cause I can't do this on my own
I'm letting go
So give me one more chance
Save me from this road I'm on
Jesus take the wheel

It was still getting colder when she made it to the shoulder
and that car came to a stop
She cried when she saw that baby in the back seat
sleepin' like a rock
For the first time in a long time she bowed her head to pray
She said I'm sorry for the wait
I've been livin' my life
I know I've got to change
So from now on tonight

Innocent Patriot

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Put the Blame on ME.....

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Don't Matter

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You are Beautiful

Hated you Until we knew we were Best Friends

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Beautiful Girl ! ! !

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Am I a Good Liar ?

You Are a Pretty Good Liar

Your lies are somewhat believable, but sometimes you get caught.
Work on keeping your body language and emotions calm. And you'll be a better liar in no time!

How Real Am I ?

You Are 91% Real

There's hardly a person on this earth more real than you are.
You have no problem showing people who you are, flaws and all.
For you, there couldn't be any other way. Because it's way too stressful to live an inauthentic life.
You're very comfortable with yourself. And because of this, you're able to live an exciting, interesting, and challenging life.

How Evil Am I ?

You Are 36% Evil

A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.
In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Demo or a defintion ?

Since you came into my life,
I have looked forward to each sunrise,
that early morning, with you in my arms,
the midnight skies with us beneath a world of stars
You make me feel like no one else could...
I like the person I'm when I'm with you..
You bring out a part of me that I never knew existed
You made me complete, now I have a reason to try...
now I have a cause, a reason to believe
in all the wonderful things life has to offer..
You took my hand and drew me into the light
you saw in me all the qualities
that no one else had ever noticed.
You gave me hope, inspiration, pride and finally love.
Yes, I LOVE YOU, for all these reasons and for so much more....
I LOVE YOU for being yourself,
I LOVE YOU because of the person you made me....

you are the world to me,
theres no one quite like you, you are the one I love, the one I want to touch... I give you my heart and I need you so much. Soothe my aching heart and hold me through the night, the mere sound of your voice summons deep emotion within, like an old familiar song, like the comfort of a friend, when you are near, I'm lost to thoughts of love, I want to hold your hand, I hunger for your kiss. Take me for a walk so far so that we would die before we reach our destination.

Wish I never said these stuff to you...
I know for sure that it would disturb you,
but what could I do when I realise
that you feel bad and go mad when Im not true to you....
Please forgive me for causing you such a pain...
I never intended to do this to you...
I always wished you to be happy and keep smiling...
U r not that old to have such a pain...
Wish u the best in ur life always....

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

What am I trying to say ?

There's an ocean between us baby,
Wish that it isn't true,
for every day when I awake,
I yearn to be with you.
There are many miles between us honey,
though you're always here in my heart,
and fighting out every night,
beneath the silver starlight,
I pray for the day we'll never part

Seasons will change that much is true
But some things never change
Like the way I feel about you
I live to be with you
To hold your hands
To see your smile
You are all that makes life worthwhile
And my heart shall ever be to true to you
What am I trying to say ?
Yes all nothing but we are miles apart !

I miss your warm eyes
The way you listen and care
I miss those moments which we shared
I miss the touch of your hand
Inspite of never having felt you
I miss all of the caring things you do
And spending the evening with you
From the unique choice of drink to the icecream
Likings and preferences,
Histories and predictions
All seem to be much more alike
Where I look forward to tomorrow
Knowing that then I will be one day closer
Closer to seeing you again
What am I trying to say
Yes all nothing but I'm missing a lot !

All day long I thought about you.
Even when I tried not to think about you,
I thought about you.
When I closed my eyes,
When I opened my eyes,
When I thought about the beauty of the season,
When I thought about the warmth of the upcoming holidays,
When I heard a love song on the radio,
When I checked my email,
Even when I said goodnight to the stars,
And when I slipped beneath the softness of my blanket
and gave in to the bliss of sweet dreams,
I thought about you.
What am I trying to say ?
Yes, All nothing but
I just can't stop thinking about you.

I can't live without you.
I would breathe the air,
and my heart would beat,
but I would not feel the joy of life.
My dreams would be lost
like a leaf carted away by a storm.
I would gaze at the stars
without appreciating the
way they light up the sky.
I would pass the roses in bloom
without noticing their beauty.
I would no longer look forward
to each sunset and each dawn.
I would be broken,
never to be mended again.
Winter would own my heart
its icy breath would steal
the warmth in my soul,
because I could not smile
without your love.
I could not know laughter
or happiness.
If you were lost to me,
I'd have no reason to try,
no reason to be.
You are my prayer,
my shelter from
hopelessness and despair,
my sunshine, my light,
my lazy days,
my peaceful nights,
and only you can keep the
spark in my soul burning bright.
What am I trying to say ?
Yes, All nothing but I'm loving you so much
Can't think of a life without you.....

If only you knew,
how my heart overflows with love for you.
If only you could see
the way you fill my hopes and dreams.
You're the owner of my heart,
the ruler supreme.
Even in the dark of night,
I've only to think about you
to feel your loving light
and from this world I drift
feeling as if
I'll never touch the ground again...
If only you knew.

If only you could guess
how I hear your voice when others speak;
for you hold the key to my happiness,
and it's always you my soul seeks.
If only you could feel,
how your very presence
has the power to heal,
all the wounds inside me.
You've made me abandon
the pain of yesterday,
and you've shown me
that the past can no longer
stand in the way
of what I hope to achieve...

If only you could realize
the way you've shown me
that it's better to give
than to take,
and whatever I do,
I do for your sake.
I'm willing to give you my all
and expect nothing in return.
But, oh how I yearn for you...
if only you knew.
And finally what am I trying to say ?
Yes, All nothing but I have started
Started to live a life with you.....

Destination unknown ! ! !

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Keep hanging on....

On the roads of love what blows have I taken
All my dreams broke, a cloudiness has come about
Every happiness has gone to sleep and my life is lost now
I fell in love with you once again so I received punishment
Is this what people get when they respect true love
Or is it only me who experience such a blow

In my dreams I had seen a shawl
In my hands now the glass of broken dreams
Are piercing my eyes but still looking out for you
Even the woozing blood distrupts my vision
Yesterday someone was here, now there is no one
My breath is wavering like that of a snake
What a special experience this loneliness has given me
How many tears it has brought upon my lashes
How many times my heart has wrecked so far now

Why did I have such a hope
That was so unfulfilled
I made my destination far
So only to lose the light half way through
Now where do I go, who do I explain it to
Expect somone to share the pain,
Who cares.... of course certain people do
But is that what I preferred ?
What I wanted and why in my destiny came
Loneliness, loneliness, like a smokestorm of darkness
I always liked to be liked by others
But things aren't always as what we preferred

Being lonely is not a new thing for me
All my life I have enjoyed equally
The two extremes of life
A lonely tree which is thick
Hard to have a broken heart
A tiny flower blossoming along
With thousands of other flowers
Its been always same for me...
And after all such experience,
I prefer to be alone exploring more
No matter others call me Mr. Lonely
I love to keep hanging on to this loneliness...
Oh Love, Oh Loneliness , What have you done to me ?

They may forget...

There were days where we knew each other
Still were minding our own work schedule
Never thought that we might meet again
As the Life is a full of uncertainities
We met again in a much more similar scenario
Can't guess whether its fate or coincidence
The things we preferred and liked
Seem to match, but still that looked the same
All nothing but a series of incidents
As tiny drops make an ocean
These moments slowly built our relationship
But where did it take us to ?
A life of miserable events
As usual hurting more the men's life

Feeling a bit jealous of such women
Who can blame the fate and carry on with their lives
I have been warned several times
Not to believe in women's love
But I was also advised not to generalise
I want to take the shame and blame
When things go wrong because of my choice
Where I always preferred to take a chance
As this life with love will have few thorns
But a life without it will have no roses

I can't guess whether she loved me truly
But all I should be content with is
My true and sincere love for her
Never guessed anyone could love so blindly
Yet been hurt before a few times
Love is a crazy thing, where your brain don't work
Love is a like a song and you dance to it
Once you have completely thrown yourself into it

She says that she loved me from bottom of her heart
Is that true or Was it true ?
No matter whats had been said or done
Its now the past in my love history
Angels come in , fall in love and leave so quick
Love and me are sailing on the opposite sides of the sea
All I need now is to get hold of the sails
So that I could make things work for me

What did I do to her ?
What did she do to me ?
Can't say whether I have caused the same pain
As she caused me with her expressive feelings
Never guessed anyone to be more sincere than me
Now she has blown away my ego
But what she says now...
Were they all just words and nothing from her heart
How could they do it ?
Or were they all true straight from her soul
Doesnt matter what she is feeling now

Friday, 28 September 2007

What does she want ?

She doesnt want me to feel for the past
She doesnt want me to cry out my stress
She doesnt want me to speak out to people
She doesnt want me to think about it
What does she want me to do then ?
She says she is still a human with feelings
And who am I then, an ET from mars ?

She says not to generalise women
But now she has again joined the same elite group
Ditching and playing with men's life
Its not the matter whether you play it safe or not
Its all that matters where you are gonna hurt

Pick the men before you play,
Tell you what , no matter how cruel men where before
They wont be the same after they have fallen in love
Love is the cruel thing when its doing the killing
And its for sure that men can't take it as the way women do.
All she wants is my death and my resurrection.... Not again...

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Will she BMW ?

Though I have been presented a Bayerische Motoren Werke
I still can't enjoy the right pleasure
There were years when I was dreaming about driving such cars
And now its here, but guess what ?
These don't amuse me anymore
There were days when I was thinking of marrying her
Guess what ? It has not changed so far
Will she be the angel of my heart ?
Will she be the sweetest thing in my life
Will she Be My Wife ? Will She BMW ?

Sun signs for us

Love Match for Us

When we come together in a love affair, there is a congenial and even-tempered romance. These two Signs are very compatible, making for a truly smooth-sailing love affair. Both Signs are attuned to life's aesthetic side, but they also have much to offer one another: When I get lost in a fantasy, she can apply her proclivity for balance to help get me back on track, and I can return the favour by helping her see the beauty in love and empathy. This is an honest partnership that values truth and harmony in itself and in the world.

We make great friends as well as lovers. We understand one another: Both can be indecisive and tend to work in multiple directions at once. Problems between us are rare, but she can at times be too mentally manipulating for me. Sometimes we can also stop mid-action due to both of our indecisive natures; if we work on a project together -- either their love relationship or something else -- it can be difficult to get it to move forward. If we do have an argument, we do tend to forgive and forget quickly: She abhors conflict and will do almost anything to avoid it, and I possess great empathy and can forgive out of understanding for her position.

She is ruled by Venus (Love) and I'm ruled by Jupiter (Luck) and Neptune (Illusions). These Signs are quite compatible due to the feminine energies of Venus and Neptune working in tandem. Under Jupiter and Neptune's rule, I'm intensely meditative, philosophical and internal. Under Venus's influence, she is in love with love. Her sun sign is the sign of Partnership and always is more comfortable when in an intimate love affair.

***** Woman & Pisces Man
This match can last for a while but it is very unlikely to last or become a true love. The relationship between a Pisces boy and ***** girl can start out with incredible romance. He is a dreamer with his head in a fantasy world, and a deep need for love and passion. You share his need for a deep and meaningful love, but you're a bit flighty and airy too. The problem here is that there is no balance. Each of you needs to be paired with a strong personality who can balance your ethereal tendencies. Unfortunately, you won't find that balance together. You each need a different kind of partner to make a relationship work. There will also be clashes because you both like the world to revolve around you- and there's only one world to go around. You two are a little too self-involved to look out for each other the way you should. A match that is not made to last.

***** girl is such an asset to Pisces boy-he's your dream project, and in him you see great potential. He's one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, and you both share an extraordinary love of music and beauty. Problems should only arise when you approach matters from an intellectual standpoint, and he's guided by his heart.

Truth of LIFE

In life I dont trust people anymore
Who chage their feelings with time
Instead I trust people whose feelings remain the same
Even when the time changes

We make them cry who care for us
We cry for those who never care for us
Also we care for those who will never cry for us
Truth of life is very strange but true and
Once we realise this, it never too late to change

I prefer not to explain myself to anyone
Because the person who likes me doesn't need it
Person who dislikes me won't believe it
I don't want to let anyone become a priority in my life
When I'm just an option in their life
Relationships work best when they are balanced.

Whatever we give to life, it gives us back
So I do not want to hate anybody
The hatred which might come out from me
Will someday come back to me for sure
So I do love others and Love will comeback to me

For everything I have missed, I have gained something else
Also for everything I have gained, I have always lost something else
It is all about our outlook towards life
All you could do is either regret or rejoice

The most difficult phase of life
Is not when no one understands us
But when we don't understand ourselves
Arrow goes forward only after pulling in to backward
Bullet goes forward only after pressing the trigger backward
As such every human being will be happy
Only after facing the difficulties in their life
And I'm not afraid to face my difficulties
Which are only gonna push me forward

I know that I'm born to live unlike others
Who live because they are born
I want to take the life the way I go
Not go the way life takes me to

What we are today is result of our own past actions
Whatever we wish to be in future depends on our present actions
Having decided how I have to act now
Things aren't that stressful some how
We are responsible for what we are,
whatever we wish ourselves to be
We have the power to make ourselves
I think I have got the power in me

Over the same, on the same winds
A ship sails in one direction, another in opposite way
Its not the wind that decides which direction the ship goes
Its the sails, how they are tied and how they are maneuvered
Same as it is not FATE that decides where your life is going
It is all about how we take life and where we take it to...

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

The Story repeats.... How Funny.....

Finally there rung the bell
Not the one in the temple
Not the one in the church
But from the telephone this time
After a long phase
Reason behind it, the same story....

Expectations sound to be silly,
Me after going after Gods,
Highly impossible...
People prefer religious personalities
Rather true human beings
World is heading to a strange stage
where characters are no more important but beliefs

She says she is happy
But still feeling bad about me
If she is not interested in me
Whats the point in giving me a bell
Does she want me to goto hell
I'm a person who would be happy even in hell
She wants me to smile, but how could I
She wants to not to be sad just because of her
She wants me not to feel for anything
What all she wants ? Me to be really happy
Never, she wants to put up a fake face

Who is she to advice me ?
What is she to me in my life
An angel from my perspective view
And a normal girl from hers
Things are not true from her end she says
Can't see that we get along in the future
Is she a priest ? Then why she was in love
Explains me that she is too a human
Have feelings for me too
But can't get along with me together in life
How funny,,, funny my life for others
She came in, my heart blossomed
She filled up my heart with her feelings
She then left away like a lightning
Leaving my heart bleeding

How could she do this to me
I Don't expect her to love me
I Don't expect her to be my friend
At least I expect her not to hurt me
She can't be my lover girl
She can't be my good friend
What does she want then ?
Also she keeps adding that she is happy
She doesnt love me at all
All she has is a sympathy now
Let me take this in the right way
I don't want to feel sorry for myself
I don't want to pity myself
I'm more better than before
I'm living a better meaningful life

All I wish to ask her only one thing
Promise me that she will always be the same
No matter what destiny brings for us
She will always NOT be my LOVE
Men's words are words and not like women's
Never in my life... Lying .... Atleast for couple of years
Let me not love yet another girl
Let me keep my heart safe
How funny, theres nothing to guard
My heart is broken to pieces
All I have to do is mend it to look like the same
Which could love again someone in my life
Infact build my heart to bear the blows