Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Will you be mine ?

By just keeping quiet, smiling a bit
you are burning my heart down to ashes
why did u crush my heart at the very beginning
Don't know who is playing with me
Either you or the almighty
Though others praised my love
To the purity of the natural gold
As that of the drops of the first rain
Day and night thinking of you
Scripting out numerous lines
What are these gonna do to me
Trying to draft out the music from the noise
What else could I do
When you shed your tears longing for me

Now its been a month out on the road
Touring down the university around
My head spinning always thinking of you
Looks like its going to explode one day
Something has got my face in a frown
As I can't stand the crying sound
Of the thunder that's crushing down
Stream of tears rolling down the cheeks
My reflection on the mirror looks different now
Though I'm walking far away from you
You are still growing bigger and bigger
Can't differentiate between
Loving, craving and needing someone
Which all has happened with you and me
then why are we still wandering around
Blaming others and their inconveniences

Guess I have nullified all my sins
By going through this hell of stresses
I just wanna be your shade even when its burning hot
Giving you enough comfort, though i would die slowly
Also I wish I was your shadow when you were lonely
Showing you that you are not alone when I'm there
The light of our love will sparkle even in the storm
walking on the thorns, burning in the fire
We would meet one day for sure
No matter who ever stops
Its between you and me to take it any further
At times I too felt like giving it up
As the pressure was building up
But the love I had for you made me strong enough
Since then everything else has changed
And I will never be the same as before
Being the lover gladiator, I will fight for your shore
Flowing like the tides again and again
Can't imagine yet another place to stay
Will you be mine as I always pray ?

Reminds me of you...

Whatever I do, wherever I go..
Its you and your words shower me
Is it not the same case with you
Who knows whats happening around
As far as we don't share anything
Its just an imagination of what it could be
Its not easy to fight the battle
All alone that too without a sword
With just the feelings by my side
What else could I do ?
Got only couple of choices to make
Either forget the past and go on
Or remain with the same stuff
Neither of these choices would be good
As far as I don't do anything towards it
The first choice might be easier
But might not be wise to choose
The second one is a bit tough at the beginning
But sure of making a history

Whats the point in pulling someone back
No matter whats the relationship
Love with the force will not last long
And me being a devotee of the lovely heart
Can't do anything which would hurt it
But my heart is humiliated now
Inspite different deviations
Its still singing the same song
Preaching the same words
Listening to the same music
Oh my goodness, whats love had done to me

She doesn't know how it hurts
As I don't express much about my feelings
Wish I always smiled at everything
Though have the confidence to reach it one day
Its all but a matter of time to pass by
Not by sitting idle, but winding up the chord
With strings of heartbreaks and wounds
Being more matured and static with the feelings
I will make the history in the world of love
As a soldier dedicating his life to the motherland
As a student obeying to his master
As a child surrendering to his parents' love
I will have an eternal life with the soul
Which I'm longing to be with

People might choose to be hanged to death
Slaughtered by slitting their throats
Instead of not being loved by their loved ones
Of all the options I have,
I wish to love you forever and ever
No matter whether its gonna give me a fruit
Or a hurricane uprooting the whole tree
My love's roots will go deep into my heart
So that even If I die, even if I'm erased from this world
My love for you will always be there in the history
I'm not a warrior to fight for something
I'm not a priest to let everything go as it is
I'm just a human being with feelings flowing in and out
All I wished is to get someone my heart loves to be with
It was someone before where I had a similar feeling
But later I realised it was not the perfect one
Even now I wish I would realise soon that you are not the one
Im looking forward to be with
I'm dying every day to talk to
Being a lover of music, your words always remains
As a tune that my heart beats
It will be a lie, If I say I HATE YOU
But wish at least you said me that once
So that I could go far away from you
Not to disturb you anymore
But will you tell me that YOU HATE ME TRULY ?

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Not again...

what sins i have made so far
To miss you so badly like this
Is loving you is a big sin
I wouldnt mind doing it for every second
I live in this social world
Nobody wishes me to be with you
No matter whether its human or the Gods
Why is it happening to me
It hurts me so bad that I have been cursed
It discourages me a lot, when i'm put aside
By the one whom i love a lot
Thought i would never feel for such a thing
But cant help it at all
Tried many ways to divert my mind
Inspite of exams and acid tests
Still your memories taunt me so pleasantly
Is Loving you so blindly wrong
Then whats right in here
Being genuine to my heart
All I did was, expressed what i felt
I have thought few times
That I can't live a life without you
Though its only for those two days
We spent together amidst all inconvenience
Without a touch, but with true feelings
Wthout you, my heart would take nothing
Can't edure the agony of separation
Still can't explain what this life would be
Without you by my side for the whole life
As long as I have the breath within me
I will love you forever
Though I sound like a poet sometimes
I would laugh at myself, asking for the reason
Without much time, I have fallen in love with you
This is what they call the church bells ringing behind
Butteflies flying in the stomach
Bulbs glowing in the mind
What so ever they might call it
I can't accept life without you
Hope it changes pretty soon
As the world might see big wars
In which I'm killed, so that my love will live for ever
In my words, in my scripts, one day
My love for you will be in the history
A love that doesnt want anything
A love that sacrifices itself for the love
A love which will be in my soul forever
What else could I say...
As many waves as there are in the sea
My love will be there floating on it
Touching your shore day and night
Missing you and yet again
Letting you know the same.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Is Time Travel Possible ?

Is time travel Possible? Does it exist in the future, which means that the future beings may travel back in time to present the possibility in the present? Will time travelers warn us of the future we are creating with what we do right now?

Some people may have heard about John Titors, the person who was coming back in time from the year 2036. He is said to have stayed here for a few years, making postings on the internet about what the future will be. Some say he was real, and some say he was not. But there is some very interesting things he had to say, if nothing more than for entertainment purposes. You can learn more at A few of his quotes follow below:


JOHN - NOV 15, 2000: "Have you considered that your society might be better off if half of you were dead?"

JOHN - NOV 21, 2000: "How can you possibly criticize me for any conflict that comes to you? I watch every day what you are doing as a society. While you sit by and watch your Constitution being torn away from you, you willfully eat poisoned food, buy manufactured products no one needs and turn an uncaring eye away from millions of people suffering and dying all around you. Is this the "Universal Law" you subscribe to?

Perhaps I should let you all in on a little secret. No one likes you in the future. This time period is looked at as being full of lazy, self-centered, civically ignorant sheep. Perhaps you should be less concerned about me and more concerned about that.

What are your memories of 2036?

I remember 2036 very clearly. It is difficult to describe 2036 in detail without spending a great deal of time explaining why things are so different.

In 2036, I live in central Florida with my family and I'm currently stationed at an Army base in Tampa. A world war in 2015 killed nearly three billion people. The people that survived grew closer together. Life is centered on the family and then the community. I cannot imagine living even a few hundred miles away from my parents.

There is no large industrial complex creating masses of useless food and recreational items. Food and livestock is grown and sold locally. People spend much more time reading and talking together face to face. Religion is taken seriously and everyone can multiply and divide in their heads.

Life has changed so much over my lifetime that it's hard to pin down a "normal" day. When I was 13, I was a soldier. As a teenager, I helped my dad haul cargo. I went to college when I was 31 and I was recruited to "time travel" shortly after that. Again, I suppose an average day in 2036 is like an average day on the farm.

There is a civil war in the United States that starts in 2005. That conflict flares up and down for 10 years. In 2015, Russia launches a nuclear strike against the major cities in the United States (which is the "other side" of the civil war from my perspective) , China and Europe. The United States counter attacks. The US cities are destroyed along with the AFE (American Federal Empire)...thus we (in the country) won. The European Union and China were also destroyed. Russia is now our largest trading partner and the Capitol of the US was moved to Omaha Nebraska.

One of the biggest reasons why food production is localized is because the environment is affected with disease and radiation. We are making huge strides in getting it cleaned up. Water is produced on a community level and we do eat meat that we raise ourselves.

After the war, early new communities gathered around the current Universities. That's where the libraries were. I went to school at Fort UF, which is now called the University of Florida. Not too much is different except the military is large part of people's life and we spend a great deal of time in the fields and farms at the "University" or Fort.

The Constitution was changed after the war. We have 5 presidents that are voted in and out on different term periods. The vice president is the president of the senate and they are voted separately.

Why is time travel used?

Right now, its used to get information or "items" that would be helpful in getting a post WWIII world back to a normal condition.

I am here for personal reasons. For a few months now, I have bee trying to alert anyone that would listen to the possibility of a civil war in the United States in 2005. Does that seem more likely now? Actually it's quite amazing to see what's happening. I have been trying to get people to pay attention for the last few months but to see it unfold is very interesting. Before I leave, I'll try and post my report.

You assume I am here to start a war?

Consider this: You are a time traveler who wishes to go back in time to 1941 because your grandparents live close to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. You realize you can't stop the war but you may be able to help them prepare for it. Strangely, December 7th comes and goes with no sneak attack. As the war in Europe rages on, Japan fails to join the axis power, there is no war in the Pacific and the United States remains neutral. Then, you watch as Germany begins to develop the atomic bomb all by themselves.

For a change, I have a question for all of you. I want you to think very hard. What major disaster was expected and prepared for in the last year and a half that never happened?

As far as war goes, I have faith you are quite capable of starting one all by yourself. I am hard pressed to accept any criticism on my outlook on that subject. Growing up might have been a vastly different experience for me than it was for most of you. Personal responsibility, determination, honor, friendship and self-reliance are not just words we try to live up to or fantasize about.

On my worldline, life is not easy. We live in a world recovering from years of war, poison, destruction and hate. All of it, courtesy of the thinking and actions of people that live right now in the same world you do, worrying about which stocks to buy or whether or not a stranger is lying to them on the Internet.

Imagine you are Jewish and you are able to travel back in time to Germany in 1935. All around you are the patterns of thinking and action that will lead to a great deal of harm, death and destruction in just a few years. You have the advantage of knowing what will come but no one will listen to you. In fact, they think you're insane and the situations you describe could never happen.

What I feel is not anger, it is sadness that you cannot see what I see.

After the war, much of the prejudice you have now was swept away by simple necessity. People had to work and fight together just to survive. This has a way of opening a person's eyes as to the value of fellow human beings.

What difference does the color of a man's skin make when you are both fighting against the same enemy to survive or find water or grow food? On my world line, if a man doesn't pull his weight in the community, then we feel prejudice towards him as a burden to us. This feeling of shame he experiences then makes him realize his responsibilities.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

For Americans, Especially for the youth

Whats special about this Dictator ?

Why can't they find Osama Bin Laden?

Why is the Tailiban increasing in strength?

Is India still under the threat of Pakistan?

Is Purvez Musharrif really the friend of the US in the war on terror?

Well here are a few questions that seem to be answered in the following CNN video.

Friday, 11 January 2008

Thursday, 10 January 2008

"Top 10 scientific breakthroughs of 2007"

1) The development of a procedure to turn skin cells into stem cells has been named the biggest scientific breakthrough of the year by science journal Wired News. Research teams from Kyoto University and the University of Wisconsin coaxed a type of skin cell called fibroblasts into forming muscle, heart, fat and nerve tissues without using any eggs. Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University even revealed a procedure to prevent the lab-grown skin from becoming cancerous.
2) Another discovery that female chimpanzees make spears for hunting smaller mammals was termed the second biggest groundbreaking work. The discovery was made by two anthropologists- Jill Pruetz of Iowa State University and Paco Bertolani of Cambridge.

3) Excavation and scanning of a nearly intact plant-eating dinosaur by palaeontologists from England's University of Manchester. The fossilized hadrosaur was preserved by minerals for over 65 million years.

4) University of Copenhagen researchers' method to convert any kind of blood into Type O, which almost every person on Earth can tolerate, was named fourth biggest breakthrough. The procedure implicates enzymes that shear the problem-causing sugars from the surfaces of A, B and AB type red blood cells.

5) Wellcome Trust-affiliated researchers' study of mice that produced evidence that Rett syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder that afflicts one in every 10,000 female births, might be curable.

6) Analysis of the soft tissue from a 68-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. The researchers had concluded that the deadly predator had a lot in common with chickens.

7) Creation of transparent material as strong as steel by University of Michigan engineers
8) Study suggesting that red dwarf star Gliese 581 may harbour life.
9) Cloning of a Rhesus Monkey to produce stem cells at Oregon Health and Science University.
10) Intel's new technology, codenamed Penryn, which can help make millions of switches on very small microprocessors. The technique, which involves an element called hafnium, may increase energy efficiency.

Summary of the above ' Top 10 breakthroughs of 2007' :

1. Researchers turn skin cells to stem cells
2. Chimpanzees make spears for hunting
3. Mummified dinosaur excavated and scanned
4. Enzymes convert any blood type to O
5. Laboratory mice cured of Rett Syndrome
6. Soft tissue from T. Rex leg bone analyzed
7. Engineers create transparent material as strong as steel
8. Planet that may harbor life discovered
9. Rhesus monkey cloned to produce stem cells
10. Transistors get way smaller (ANI)

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Mother Teresa Betrayed..... *

I'm sending this out through my list to show how duplicitous some so-called spiritual organizations can be when it comes to helping the poor. We have heard many times before about various organizations that get tons of money to help serve the poor, when in many cases they are mostly engaged in increasing their number of converts. But are the converts really treated any better? In many cases they are not.

Here is a report that shows how this has been the case even with Mother Teresa, whom the whole world greatly respected, but few seem to really know what went on in the background of her organization. I have received many reports on this before, but this is the first I've decided to send out for others to review.

The point is that in this age it is becoming more difficult to find a real representative of devotion to God and service to humanity. It is increasingly becoming the case that everything is profit oriented to benefit the larger businesses, that already have more than enough money, at the expense of the common good and the common people. We need to be all the more cautious about this.

By Sandhya Jain - June 24, 2007
Teresa betrayed those who generously supported her work because they did not realize how her twisted premises chocked all efforts to alleviate misery. Most donations simply remained in her bank accounts. The world now needs to know through a multi-nation inquiry.

In virtually simultaneous exposes, CNN-IBN has revealed that Western-funded NGOs in Bodhgaya are abusing small children for labour, conversion and molestation, while a Catholic Sister who worked for Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity has confessed quitting in disgust over the misuse of millions in charitable donations that never got to their destination - the poor and afflicted.

The Poor Christian Liberation Movement (PCLM) has for years been demanding a hundred year moratorium on conversions and a detailed scrutiny of the manner in which the Church utilises funds received from abroad, as this has failed to improve the lot of converts in any tangible manner. The very fact that Christian organisations and politicians are trying to get SC/ST benefits extended to converts proves that the various church denominations have no intention of uplifting the poor converts in a meaningful way once they have been converted.

It follows that funds received by Christian organisations or Church-friendly NGOs is used purely for allurement purposes, or to set up a charitable institutions availing government subsidies while maintaining money like corporates, such as hospitals or professional colleges. These now require a comprehensive national review.

CNN-IBN found that Samanvaya Ashram, an NGO funded by Mr. Sandeep Pandeya's ASHA, which receives foreign funds, sheltering children from the Dalit-Bhuiyan community, was subjecting children as young as five years old to illegal labour at the Ashram. Those children had to wash clothes, cook in the Ashram kitchen, fetch water, and plough the fields. The channel found that foreigners run shelters that are actually dens for paedophiles and child-molesters. Gaya police say they can't act without formal complaints, but admit many NGOs have a conversion agenda; many foreign countries send huge sums for this purpose.

Meanwhile, years after Germany's Stern magazine exposed Mother Teresa's money-making and non-performing charities. Susan Shields, who worked nine years as a Catholic Sister with the Missionaries of Charity, has gone public with how she quit in 1989. Shields gave her story to the Arctic Beacon, it was printed in the Free Inquiry Magazine, and exposes how Mother Teresa ignored the poor while stashing millions of dollars in donations in Vatican bank accounts.

Shields worked with Missionaries of Charity in the Bronx, Rome, and San Francisco, till May 1989. She took years to unravel the life she lived there, and finally came to the conclusion that Mother Teresa's religious congregation rested upon three dangerous teachings, which really amounted to mind control. These are - as long as a nun obeys (Teresa) she is doing God's will; the sisters have leverage over God by choosing to suffer; and any attachment to human beings, even the poor, interferes with love of God and must be avoided at all costs.

Surprisingly, Shields says these were old Church beliefs, and Teresa only enforced them vigorously. But once indoctrinated thus, a sister would allow her health to be destroyed, neglect those she vowed to serve, and switch off her feelings and independent thought. She would be indifferent to suffering, carry tales about fellow sisters, tell lies, and ignore public laws and regulations. As a result, many of the sisters who trusted Mother Teresa have become broken people.. their self-confidence has been destroyed. Many lack education and do not know how to quit. Says Shields, “I was one of the lucky ones who mustered enough courage to walk away.

Even more than those who joined, Teresa betrayed those who generously supported her work because they did not realise how her twisted premises chocked all efforts to alleviate misery. Most donations simply remained in her bank accounts. The world now needs to know through a multi-nation inquiry, if Vatican funds are used for conversion in third world countries, or for political purposes like regime change in target countries, as for instance, Poland under Pope John Paul II.

Shields testimony is important because she was deputed to record donations and write receipts in the form of thank-you letters. Money would often come in sacks; receipts for cheques of $50,000 and more were received regularly. The money came for the starving people in Africa, the flood victims in Bangladesh , or the poor children in India. Most of the money sat in our bank accounts.

The donations, she continues, rolled in but had no effect on the lives of the poor. A degrading spirit of poverty was maintained in the organisation. In Haiti , the sisters re-used needles until they became blunt. Seeing the pain they caused, some volunteers offered to procure more needles, but the sisters refused. The issue here may be more serious that the pain caused to the recipients of charity - an honest investigation is required into the endemic spread of certain diseases in poor parts of the globe, diseases through which White Western pharmaceutical companies are earning literally billions and trillions of dollars annually. And they are using WTO to prevent the manufacture and sale of cheap bulk drugs!

Even food was not purchased for the poor if local merchants did not give it free, when the organisation sat on hefty resources. Everyone was used as a resource - airlines were requested to fly sisters and air cargo free; hospitals and doctors asked to absorb costs of treatment for the sisters; workmen asked not to take payment; etc. Shields found it nauseating that she wrote thousands of letters to donors assuring them that their entire gift would be used for the benefit of the poorest of the poor. When it became too much, she had to quit.

* Source ::

Lord Rama : Fact or Fiction

As of late, in the year 2007, the idea of whether Lord Rama exists or not has been called into question, by no less than some of the politicians in India. So it is a wonder how such persons can be accepted as leaders of the people of India who should be concerned with preserving and protecting the culture of the country. Obviously, they are neither concerned nor aware of the depths of information that can be found in support of the traditions for which India is especially known. Or, they are really attempting to dismantle or destroy the authority of the timeless nature of the civilization of the country.

In regards to Lord Rama, the point about ancient history is that the farther you go back in time, the fewer references you can use that actually refer to the incident in history. There may be many commentaries, but few quotations to the actual events.

However, when it comes to the Ramayana and the history of Lord Rama, there have been numerous authors who have accepted the Ramayana as a history of ancient events. For example, the first Governor General of India, Sri Rajaji, wrote on the Ramayana and called it a history, as also did the English Indologist Sir William Jones. Various other western authors have made a study of the culture and history of the Ramayana, such as Philip Lutgendorf in his book Rama's Story in Shiva's City, California University; Joe Burkhalter Flueckiger and Laurie Sears in The Boundaries of Traditional Ramayana and Mahabharata Performances in South and Southeast Asia, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; W. L. Smith on Ramayan Traditions in Eastern India, University of Stockholm, and others.

There are also numerous places that are indicated as the locations where various events happened in reference to the pastimes of Lord Rama and Sita. Thus, they are accepted as historical sites. I have personally visited many of these places, such as Ramesvaram, Nasik, Hampi, and others where there are particular locations and sites that are related to the events that took place in the life and adventures of Lord Rama. Many people accept these sites as the locations for the events described in the Ramayana. So how can this be unless there are not some reality behind it?

However, why is there not more archaeological evidence that points towards Rama's existence? Because such an effort has not been made in India and systematic excavations have never been carried out, says historian Nandita Krishnan. She says that to doubt the existence of Rama is to doubt all literature. There is little archaeological or epigraphic evidence for either Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed, who are known only from the Bible and Koran respectively. Does it mean they did not exist? If Rama performs miracles such as liberating Ahalya, the Biblical story of Jesus walking on water or the Koranic tale of Mohammed flying to heaven on a horse are equally miraculous. Such stories reinforce divinity.

She also describes in summary what areas the events of Lord Rama's life took place. She explains: "The Ramayana is geographically very correct. Every site on Rama's route is still identifiable and has continuing traditions or temples to commemorate Rama's visit. Around 1000 BC or earlier, no writer had the means to travel around the country inventing a story, fitting it into local folklore and building temples for greater credibility."

In 1975 the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) unearthed fourteen pillar bases of kasauti stone with Hindu motifs near the mosque at Ayodhya; reports of the excavations are available with the ASI. Rama was born in Ayodhya and married in Mithila, now in Nepal. Not far from Mithila is Sitamarhi, where Sita was found in a furrow, still revered as the Janaki kund constructed by her father Janaka. Rama and Sita left Mithila for Ayodhya via Lumbini. In 249 BC, Ashoka erected a pillar in Lumbini with an inscription referring to the visits by both Rama and Buddha to Lumbini. Ashoka was much nearer in time to Rama and would be well aware of his facts.

Rama, Lakshmana and Sita left Ayodhya and went to Sringaverapura - modern Sringverpur in Uttar Pradesh - where they crossed the River Ganga. They lived on Chitrakoot hill where Bharata and Shatrughna met them and the brothers performed the last rites for their father. Thereafter, the three wandered through Dandakaranya in Central India, described as a land of Rakshasas, obviously tribes inimical to the brothers' habitation of their land. Tribals are still found in these forests. The trio reached Nasik, on the River Godavari, which throbs with sites and events of Rama's sojourn, such as Tapovan where they lived, Ramkund where Rama and Sita used to bathe, Lakshmankund, Lakshmana's bathing area, and several caves in the area associated with their lives in the forest.

Rama then moved to Panchavati near Bhadrachalam (AP), where Ravana abducted Sita. The dying Jatayu told them of the abduction, so they left in search of Sita. Kishkinda, near Hampi, where Rama first met Sugriva and Hanuman, is a major Ramayana site, where every rock and river is associated with Rama. Anjanadri, near Hospet, was the birthplace of Hanuman (Anjaneya); Sugriva lived in Rishyamukha on the banks of the Pampa (Tungabhadra) ; Sabari probably also lived in a hermitage there. Rama and the Vanara army left Kishkinda to reach Rameshwaram, where the Vanaras built a bridge to Lanka from Dhanushkodi on Rameshwaram Island to Talaimannar in Sri Lanka. While parts of the bridge - known as Adam's Bridge - are still visible, NASA's satellite has photographed an underwater man-made bridge of shoals in the Palk Straits, connecting Dhanushkodi and Talaimannar. On his return from Sri Lanka, Rama worshiped Shiva at Rameshwaram, where Sita prepared a Linga out of sand. It is still one of the most sacred sites of Hinduism.

Sri Lanka also has relics of the Ramayana. There are several caves, such as Ravana Ella Falls, where Ravana is believed to have hidden Sita to prevent Rama from finding her. The Sitai Amman Temple at Numara Eliya is situated near the Ashokavana where Ravana once kept her prisoner.

All the places visited by Rama still retain memories of his visit, as if it happened yesterday. Time, in India, is relative. Some places have commemorative temples; others commemorate the visit in local folklore. But all agree that Rama was going from or to Ayodhya. Why doubt connections when literature, archaeology and local tradition meet? Why doubt the connection between Adam's Bridge and Rama, when nobody else in Indian history has claimed its construction? Why doubt that Rama traveled through Dandakaranya or Kishkinda, where local non-Vedic tribes still narrate tales of Rama? Why doubt that he was born in and ruled over Ayodhya?

Rama's memory lives on because of his extraordinary life and his reign, which was obviously a period of great peace and prosperity, making Ramarajya a reference point. People only remember the very good or the very bad. Leftist historians have chosen to rubbish archaeology, literature and local tradition.”

Nandita Krishnan also adds that Nobody believed that Homer's Iliad was a true story till Troy was discovered after extensive archaeology. Unfortunately, the sites of the Ramayana and Mahabharata have now been built over many times and it may never be possible to excavate extensively either at Ayodhya or Mathura.

To further verify this aspect of the history of Lord Rama, Pushkar Bhatnagar concludes that geographical evidence for the epics is abundant. There still exist many places like Rameshwaram, Kishkindha, Kurukshetra, Hastinapura, etc. where the visits of Rama and Krishna are a basic part of local folklore.

Lack of archaeological evidence is no excuse for denying the existence of history, sums up Bhatnagar. "If the buildings of that time over 7000 years ago do not exist today, can we just infer that civilizations and personalities of that time also did not exist?"

In literature, we have the Ramayana and other texts such as the Puranas which also relate and verify the history and existence of Lord Rama. People from many other regions of the world have also accepted the Ramayana as worthy of attention, devotion, and historical evidence. For example, we can see the affects of the Ramayana tradition in many countries who have adapted their own form of the Ramayana and worship of Lord Rama, especially in the countries of Southeast Asia. These include Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia (Capuchia), Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam. Other areas can also be found where the influence of the history of Lord Rama is in affect, such as the continent of Africa was once known as Kushadvipa for having been ruled by Kush, one of Lord Rama's sons.

The other fact is that many millions of people feel the reciprocation from Lord Rama whenever they engage in devotion to Him, or read the Ramayana, or hear the Ramayana in a katha, or watch a television show or movie about Him, or go to one of the temples dedicated to Him. This cannot be denied or neglected. Just because we have insensitive politicians who cannot perceive this reciprocation does not mean that we all are so spiritually undeveloped. This dedication and reciprocation has spread throughout the world.

There have also been astronomers who have identified the approximate time of the Ramayana by the descriptions of the stars and constellations as given in the Ramayana, or even in the Bhagavata Purana and other texts. Pushkar Bhatnagar, author of the book Dating the Era of Lord Rama, claims that there is a significant amount of information available to prove that Rama was a historical personality. He says, “Valmiki, who wrote the Ramayana, was a contemporary of Rama. While narrating the events of the epic, he has mentioned the position of the planets at several places.” He explains that by using recent planetary software, it has been possible to verify that these planetary positions actually took place precisely as specified in the Ramayana. These were not just stray events, but the entire sequence of the planetary positions as described by Valmiki at various stages of Rama's life can be verified today as having taken place.

Bhatnagar goes on to explain: "This information is significant, since these configurations do not repeat for lakhs of years and cannot be manipulated or imagined so accurately, without the help of sophisticated software. The inference that one can draw is that someone was present there to witness the actual happening of these configurations, which got recorded in the story of Rama."

Bhatnagar provides the following quote from the Ramayana: "Rama was born on the Navami tithi of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra masa (9th day of the increasing phase of the moon in the lunar month of Chaitra). At that time, the nakshatra was Punarvasu, and Sun, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus were in Aries, Capricorn, Libra, Cancer and Pisces respectively. Lagna was Cancer and Jupiter & Moon were shining together.” Ramayana 1.18.8,9

The conditions can be summarized as follows, according to Bhatnagar:
1. Sun in Aries
2. Saturn in Libra
3. Jupiter in Cancer
4. Venus in Pisces
5. Mars in Capricorn
6. Lunar month of Chaitra
7. 9th day after New Moon (Navami Tithi, Shukla Paksh)
8. Moon near Punarvasu Nakshatra (Pollux star in Gemini constellation)
9. Cancer as Lagna (Cancer constellation rising in the east)
10. Jupiter above the horizon

According to the Planetarium software, it provides the following date: Sri Rama Navami - 10th January 5114 BCE - Birth Day of Rama, Observation at 12.30 p.m.
Bhatnagar continues: "By using a powerful planetarium software, I found that the planetary positions mentioned in Ramayana for the date of birth of Lord Ram had occurred in the sky at around 12.30 p.m. of 10th January 5114 BC. It was the ninth day of the Shukla Paksh of Chaitra month too. Moving forward, after 25 years of the birth of Lord Ram, the position of planets in the sky tallies with their description in Ramayana. Again, on the amavasya (new moon) of the 10th month of the 13th year of exile the solar eclipse had indeed occurred and the particular arrangement of planets in the sky was visible. ( Date comes to 7th October, 5077 BC). Even the occurrence of subsequent two eclipses also tally with the respective description in Valmiki Ramayana. (Date of Hanuman's meeting Sita at Lanka was 12th September, 5076 BC). In this manner the entire sequence of the planetary positions gets verified and all the dates can be precisely determined."

Nonetheless, some people feel that the appearance of Lord Rama took place many thousands or even millions of years earlier, in the Treta-yuga. For example, in the Vayu Purana (70.47-48) [published by Motilal Banarsidass] there is a description of the length of Ravana's life, and that when Ravana's merit of penance began to decline, he met Lord Rama, the son of Dasarath, in a battle wherein he and his followers were killed in the 24th Tretayuga. The Roman transliteration of the verse is:

tretayuge chaturvinshe ravanastapasah kshayat
ramam dasharathim prapya saganah kshayamiyavan

There are 1000 Treta-yugas in one day of Brahma, and it is calculated that we are presently in the 27th cycle of the four yugas (divya-yugas) of Vaivasvata Manu, who is the seventh Manu in the series of Manu rulers. Each Manu is considered to live for 71 such divya-yuga cycles. So, without getting too complicated about things, from the 24th Treta-yuga to the present age of Kali-yuga, there is obviously a difference of millions of years. Of course, few people may believe this unless they are already familiar with the vast lengths of time that the Vedic literature deals with.

Nonetheless, maybe there is a reason why we should accept that Lord Rama appeared millions of years ago. In the Valmiki Ramayana, Sundara-Kanda (or Book 5), Chapter 4, verse 27, [Gita Press, Gorakhpur, India] it explains that when Hanuman first approached Ravana's palace, he saw the doorways surrounded by horses and chariots, palanquins and aerial cars, beautiful horses and elephants, nay, with four-tusked elephants decked with jewels resembling masses of white clouds.

Furthermore, in the Valmiki Ramayana, Sundara-Kanda (or Book 5), Chapter 27, verses12, an ogress named Trijata has a dream of Lord Rama, which she describes to the other demoniac ogresses upon awakening. In that dream she sees Rama, scion of Raghu, united again with Sita. Sri Rama was mounted on a huge elephant, closely resembling a hill, with four tusks.

The question is how could there be a mention of the elephants with four tusks unless Valmiki was familiar with such creatures? A quick search on the Encarta Encyclopedia will let us know that these four-tusked elephants were known as Mastodontoidea, which are said to have evolved around 38 million years ago and became extinct about 15 million years ago when the shaggy and two tusked Mastodons came into being. Now there's something to think about, eh?

Nonetheless, there will always be those for whom no matter what you present for verification, it will not be enough. Some just won't believe it. Some will, some won't, so what, let's move on. But many in the world already accept the authority of the Ramayana and other Vedic texts for the verification of the existence of Lord Rama.